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Swipe away homelessness for our Veterans! Every time this card is used at a participating vendor a portion of the "swipe" is donated back to America's Homeless Veterans.  This program also provides free monthly benefits for whomever sponsors a Veteran family. 

Using a smart phone a member uses our app and enters in the zip code and search ( as an example, dry cleaning).  The app will locate the sponsoring business highlighted within 5 miles using Google maps and list the percentage of the discount for member with directions. If people do not have a cell phone they can log on and locate the discounted services locally and use a card they carry in their wallet.

There is no negotiation on the discount, no embarrassing coupons in front of guests and each purchase helps a Veteran whether it is the discount or the revenue through referrals for a Veteran Owned Business.  Some of the sponsors are Fortune 500 companies, Disney Land, Hertz, Marriott's, Raley's, Safeway, the business down the street and the list goes on and on.  There are over 320,000 vendors in our network that will offer you a discount or in some cases something free.

Rise to the Call of Action and get the membership at $19.95 a month for 12 months which provides your membership and the free membership for a military family!

AHVets employs Veterans, which provides them vocational training, we provide housing through a network that matches landlords with Veterans in need of housing and other services no matter the need, both public and private.

"Did you know that every generous donation of $500 or more puts a Veteran in a home for the first month and for a monthly donation of $25 it keeps him in that home, back on his or her feet?"

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